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From private to on-set coaching, project consulting to group classes...I can adjust to the needs of your project or career. I can help to improve your American Accent, or help you to learn a new accent. I am also available for scene coaching for auditions and roles.

Private Coaching

One on One sessions for audition prep, accent reduction, or role-prep.  FREE 30 minute consultation.

On-Set Coaching and Prep

Available for whole or partial shoots, and actor prep. Also available to consult production in language or dialects. Spanish & English Fluent.


Check Events for upcoming workshops.  Also, visit Stella Adler – LA for my Speech Classes.

About Claudia...

With an eclectic background working as a performer, as a dialect coach, in production, as a teacher, and in the marketing world...Claudia is incredibly resourceful in communicating with clients ranging from beginner to experienced professional, and in adapting her technique to the learning needs of each performer and team.


Claudia de Vasco began her career in dialect coaching when her teacher Tyne Turner noticed her talent for language and the acuity of her ear in the first year of her training at the U of MN/Guthrie Theatre Actor Training Program.  She continued to apprentice under her at the Utah Shakespearean Festival and then throughout her training also under Elisa Carlson.  Upon graduating she continued to coach privately and locally in Minnesota, until moving to Los Angeles where her private coaching career led to a position on faculty at the Stella Adler Academy  teaching Speech and Dialects.  She currently works there and coaching industry professionals onscreen and off.

Claudia Vazquez developed her fascination with language as a bilingual child, and continued to pursue language through story-telling. Combining her experience as a performer, writer, and teacher with her training in dialects and linguistics, Claudia offers an eclectic and personal experience as a Dialect and Speech Coach which focuses on performer and speaker empowerment and discipline, specificity and a holistic craft.

Our skill

Ear for Language
Boring Sessions

Current Projects

team 1

Chavez – Canana Films - Dialect Coach, Full Cast

Summer 2012 - Trained the lead actors in Chicano English, coached American English, Mexican Spanish, and Filipino Accent in English. Expected to release sometime this year.
team 1

Red Barn – ISC - Dialect Consultant

Developed a hybrid of lower class 19th Century British for the new musical Red Barn, by David Melville & Melissa Chalsma with Independent Shakespeare Co.
team 1

Meddling Mom – Hallmark - Coach to Sonia Braga

Aired February 2013. Coached the magnificent Sonia Braga in American English. Nominated for a couple of Imagen Awards!
team 1

Stella Adler – Rimers of Eldritch - Dialect Coach

Dialect Coach to students performing in The Rimers of Eldritch, by Lanford Wilson. Missouri, American South.


Fun Stuff...

Stay tuned for products from the Speech Maven.


Claudia is a member of the Voice & Speech Trainers Association, TCG, AEA, & SAG/AFTRA.

Speak With Distinction

This book, by Edith Skinner, is the book Claudia uses to teach American Phonology. It is also still uses at most of the best Acting Schools in the country. Buy Here.

My Favorite App

A great app for iPhone and iPad to practice IPA.  Available in Free and Premium versions.


Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information about work. Studios and Producers may contact my agent, Diane Kamp, at (406) 932-5165

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